Voodoo Festival


LEP has had a hectic weekend! (worthy of course, of us hardworking Eskimos!)

Saturday the Eskimos were out filming The Scorseses, an awesome local band, at the famous annual Voodoo Festival.

Plus! That same night, Audubon Zoo’s Tea House opened its doors to the Eskimos when it was time to shoot another beautiful wedding.

Take a look at these pics!

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The Scorseses (courtesy of Lazy Eye Photography http://lazyeyephoto.com/)

Audubon Zoo – Tea house

On the Job


on the job

We like to keep ourselves busy!

We love to take on new projects from live shows to shooting our own short films, from music videos to animation we do it all!

(From left to right: Jorge Maradiaga and Kevin Ma shooting a live show, Kevin Ma, Jorge Maradiaga and Alejandra Menendez shooting ‘Unknown’ the short film)