Poster for Short Film “Pieces”


Hello all! As you know, we are premiering our new short film this week! In previous posts you saw the behind the scenes and the trailer. But if you want more… Here is the poster! We hope you like it, and we hope you are all prepared to see the short film!

We are really excited about this project.



Behind the Scenes: Upcoming Short


The Eskimos have been working on a new short film! We are excited about this new piece. The release is going to be around next week, so keep your eyes open for more updates!

For now, we leave you with some behind the scenes photos of this filmmaking journey…

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BRAIN FREEZE: Breaking the Ice


Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 10.00.58 PM

As you know, we are a team of very hard working Eskimos. We are always on the move making videos, writing scripts and, of course, constantly brain storming.

Unfortunately, there are times where our brain motors stop momentarily and our brains freeze.

And it is because of these that we decided to start a new series of Skits.

Get to know us, laugh with us, and share your ideas and thoughts.



On the Job


on the job

We like to keep ourselves busy!

We love to take on new projects from live shows to shooting our own short films, from music videos to animation we do it all!

(From left to right: Jorge Maradiaga and Kevin Ma shooting a live show, Kevin Ma, Jorge Maradiaga and Alejandra Menendez shooting ‘Unknown’ the short film)

Meet the Founders



(Above: From left to right: Jorge Maradiaga and Kevin Ma)

Jorge Maradiaga and Kevin Ma, both students at Loyola University and passionate for filmmaking, decided to co-found a new production company (August 2012, New Orleans)

J.M.K.M. Productions was born, (Jorge’s machine and Kevin’s mind). They met their first clients and embarked in new projects. By January 2013 three more members joined the team. Alejandra Menendez, Xavier Lacayo, and Khoi Nguyen.

With a new full team, and some new equipment, what started as a small project grew and became Lonely Eskimo Productions, a production company that brings a new and different approach at filmmaking and cinematography.