Oscar Prediction List 2016 (Prize!)


We thought it’d be fun if we came up with our prediction list and you guys could outsmart us. So below you’ll see who we think will win. Email your predictions to art@lonelyeskimofilms.com and win our brand new Lonely Eskimo design t-shirt! All you have to do is outguess us in the nominations. (i.e. Lonely Eskimo – 12 right, You – 14 right)

Best Picture – Spotlight                                                    Best Actor – Leonardo DiCaprio

Best Actress – Brie Larson                                             Supporting Actor – Mark Rylance

Supporting Actress – Kate Winslet                              Animated Feature – Inside Out

Cinematography – The Revenant                   Costume Design – Mad Max: Fury Road

Directing – Mad Max: Fury Road                                   Documentary – Amy

Documentary (Short) – Claude Lanzmann                Film Editing – Mad Max: Fury Road

Foreign Language – Son of Saul                       Make-Up and Hairstyling – The Revenant

Music (Score) – The Hateful Eight                               Music (song) – “Writings” Spectre

Production Design – Mad Max: Fury Road                 Short Film Animated – Bear Story

Short Film (Live) – Stutterer                                          Sound Editing – The Revenant

Sound Mixing – The Revenant                                       Visual Effects – Mad Max: Fury Road

Writing (Adapted) – Room                                Writing Original – Straight Outta Compton

This will be the first year of us putting this on so hopefully we can do this yearly. Good luck!

Let the battle begin…

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