6 thoughts on ““PIECES” – Short Film

  1. Sofia

    Leaves you wanting to know what happens next, does he go after her? Or does the universe somehow conspire to get them together further down the road? Good job guys! I see great potential, keep it up.

  2. I thought it was fantastic visually but weirdly lacking in other elements. The basic premise is good but the dialogue seemed really pedestratian, and not in a good way. In a laboured, stiff kinda way. The sound also seemed a bit off, particularly the dubbing, and the vocal performances themselves somehow seemed decidedly sub-par compared to the actual acting. It was weird.

    It was still a good film, especially visually, but with some issues that needed ironing out, and in particular loosening up. Really, really stiff at times.

    I’m interested in your stuff though.

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